The Twelve Hours

Third hour

Fruitless efforts

Africa. The idol Mohammed. Robbery, murder, slavery and tyranny everywhere. Last unspoiled people in Central Africa. Abomination of the slave-trade.

[3.1] Now, look here, the country that presents itself to your eyes on the white board, you will sure recognize it, it is Africa. Look at it well, it is not a map, I tell you, but the real country in the true image.

[3.2] See here the northern coasts, see here in the north, the ancient Egypt; see further to the west all the plundering states known to you, see there all the rugged mountain masses and between them again incalculable sand deserts and steppes.

[3.3] See, everywhere rules the idol Mohammed; everywhere is robbery, murder, slavery, and on the other hand despotism and tyranny in the highest degree!

[3.4] See all these inhabitants, who are still engaged in some trade, are nothing but serfs of their rulers; the sword of the despot is constantly swishing about their bare necks, if they do not hand over to their ruler almost everything they have acquired.

[3.5] See how their priests preach to them from their towers curses and deceits, but no blessings, and fill the poor with their Elysian air; while the latter, for this nothing, must sacrifice to them at least half of what the ruler has left them.

[3.6] See how a few Christians make a miserable figure here, while other more powerful nominal Christians go about well-armed with mighty armies and make the miserable even more miserable than they already are, and bring them, as you see - instead of My blessing and grace - war, death, devastation, famine and other innumerable evils. Truly, Paul (Saul, ed.) was not as bad in his persecution of Christians, as these Christians are with the wretched. However, we leave this coast up there, and we look a bit at Egypt.

[3.7] Behold this beautiful land, this former blessing of Jacob. See what it looks like; truly the whore of Babylon is a pure virgin compared to it.

[3.8] The old Nile watered the ground when Joseph reigned, and was everything to Pharaoh; but what land does this Nile irrigates now?

[3.9] When I brought the Israelite people home from that land, it was afflicted with seven severe plagues for a short time only, until the children were released; but what were those plagues compared to the present ones, whose number has no end - yes, they were true manna from heaven.

[3.10] At that time this country was ruled by pagans, but at least they were human beings and knew well the value of man, and their teachings, like those of Central Asia, came from the times of Noah, and they were well-acquainted with the nature of the great God; And from this knowledge they were in manifold wisdom, which, of course, they taught only to certain people through their mysteries, and they did this so that the great God might not be profaned by any incompetent and unworthy one; for which reason their land also brimmed with the so-called wonders of the world of all kinds, and their wisdom and their school were acknowledged as great by all nations.

[3.11] Even to this day you see great remnants of the former greatness of this land towering above the hot sands; but now look at this land. See it's poor peoples hunted like the other animals; see, quite to the south, some peaceful huts enclosed by almost insurmountable mountains.

[3.12] But therefore look, and see bold, armed climbers of the despot boldly climbing the mountain tops, and see how they throw themselves on the peaceful huts, wickedly kill all the peaceful inhabitants and drag away all their belongings, and put other captives in their place and impose on them with the most terrible death penalty, the sour duty to produce at least 10 years' tribute for the despot over the course of 3 years.

[3.13] Look here, there is another such landscape, where 3 years ago such a thing happened; see how these tribute-collectors approach those slaves placed there, and take away all their acquired property and drag it away, after they have first cruelly mistreated them, and treated all their wives and maids to their pleasure.

[3.14] Now, look further up, see here several despotic warriors equipped with snares, swords and rifles; therefore see how the snares are just thrown back and forth over the fugitive inhabitants of this mountain region; look there a little to the west, how some take flight climbing over rocks - fathers, mothers, children. Young and old are clambering with bleeding fingers to escape from the ravagers, but at the same time see how they are pursuing them, and are now shooting down one after the other from the rocks; and now see how they are already gagging a lot of prisoners, men and boys, in order to bring them in the most miserable and wicked way to the place of their military destiny.

[3.15] And now go down again with your eyes from the mountains, and see there an authorized ruler and tribute lessee of the despot, how he, to refresh his lust, drives a whole troop of slave women with a whip in disorder, in order to be able to sleep again one bleeding under his mighty blows; not to think of other abominations, which are committed here in this country now in large numbers.

[3.16] Now see what this land looks like; compare these plagues with the former seven, and you must truly confess that they were pure manna from heaven; for if you want to think of the highest degree of hellish depravity, travel to Egypt, and you will find it in the literal sense.

[3.17] For I say - and I cannot tell you any more - that it has come so far here, that even a benefit, which is practiced there by the great ones of this beautiful kingdom, is the most barbarous cruelty.

[3.18] Just look a little here in the hospitals, hospices and lunatic asylums; see how the sick are tortured with all kinds of means, the poor are almost fed with garbage, and the insane cower like mummies in the holes in the walls, provided with an iron grate, screaming and wailing.

[3.19] I do not want to discuss the matter in detail, and it is sufficient if I say that a benefit there is a barest cruelty; think for yourselves under what form the cruelty itself appears.

[3.20] Now we leave the northern part of this miserable country, as well as the whole of Africa, and here you see the unknown center of this country. See, this country is large and is surrounded by the most insurmountable mountains; see, this is the only point of the earth where an unspoiled, most good-natured class of people is still to be found.

[3.21] Behold, these people are all still in the inner vision, and except for a disciple of the apostle Thomas sent by Me, no foreign foot has yet entered this land, and thus this admittedly small people, who sparsely inhabit only the hot regions, are in My pure doctrine, which has not yet been dimmed until this hour.

[3.22] This is at the same time the only small connecting point still connecting the earth with My heaven, and notice well what I will tell you just now: If an impudent foot will enter this sanctuary in greed, I will hurl My torch over the earth.

[3.23] But just look there now, from this land towards the east and towards the west, how two main nations, full of greed and avarice, are already putting all kinds of ladders on the mountains, in order to quench in this land their insatiable thirst for the supposed gold.

[3.24] Yes, I tell you, they will soon succeed, and they are close to entering it, but truly, I say, they will not find the gold they thirst for. They will find gold, but this gold will crush the whole earth with it's weight.

[3.25] And now go a little further here, to the southwestern coast of this country. See how despotic usurers pack their ships, which are wicked under all names, full of poor immortal people; see a little inside this ship; see how it has barely span-high plank galleries all around, and how on these galleries, like logs, these poor people are piled up side by side on their bellies.

[3.26] Now look, there is such a ship packed with 600 to a 1,000 of such unfortunates; in front of each mouth, a 4-pound stone-bread brick is placed for his nourishment from this coast to America; closely in front of the mouth, a channel runs everywhere, where water is poured in for all of them once a day.

[3.27] Look, with this food such a poor man must make a journey of often 2,000 miles, and during the journey an examination is conducted daily to see if some have not perished.

[3.28] How does this examination take place? Look, there is a so-called slave-keeper walking along the galleries with a pointed instrument, stabbing everyone in the foot, and if the person thus abused cries out, it is considered a sign that he is still alive.

[3.29] There are also other means of testing for life, which such genuinely satanic outrages of these human merchants allow themselves; but we do not want to think about them any further, because it is certain that if these merchants handle lions, tigers, snakes and hyenas, they give these beasts infinitely more attention, care and tending than their poor brethren.

[3.30] And so that we get to know this whole part of the world, look down a bit to the southernmost part of this country, which is called Good Hope. Truly I say to you, there is really a good hope for Satan; for just there the trade is so important that the prince of darkness consistently invests his capital at 1,000 percent.

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