The Twelve Hours

Twelfth Hour

The great man of creation and his return.

(March 25, 1841, from 4 o'clock in the afternoon until ¼ 9 o'clock in the evening.) (Writers: K. G. L. - F. S. - Andr. and Ans. H.)

[12.1] After we have accompanied and illuminated the prodigal son from his rise to his fall in the eleventh hour, and have also calculated the time and determined the hour near at hand, which is to bear witness to his fall, we want to see in this twelfth hour, where and how this prodigal son will return again, thoroughly humbled into the great Father's house.

[12.2] In order to understand this fully, it is not only sufficient that we have seen a little through the world-dust-speck called earth; but, since I have added for this purpose in the camera obscura of the spirit, which you are aware of, a small device already mentioned, to take once more in this newly prepared chamber a somewhat more extended look. But I tell you in advance, prepare yourselves; because this sight will bring something before your eyes, which has not come into the mind of any man until this time.

[12.3] Due to this new device, the board itself will certainly have to be enlarged somewhat to accommodate such a large image, and instead of the former horizontal position, it will assume a vertical one. Now, you see, our device has been made; so direct your eyes to the widely extended panel, and immediately you will see the large image on it. For only in this one and only way is it possible to place the endlessly extended creation before your eyes in one image.

[12.4] Now look carefully at the tablet, and as soon as I will pronounce the word Epheta, you will see the great image on the tablet. And now then, since your eyes are directed there, I say: Epheta!

[12.5] Now, what do you say to the image? Not true, you see on this tablet nothing more and nothing less than the clear figure of a man, whose loins are barely covered by some rags and whose hair of shaggy appearance hangs down from his head over half of his body.

[12.6] Not true, you will indeed think to yourselves -, "there is just nothing special about this picture, except that it is represented on this board in a very colossal form. But, by the way, such a picture could have been drawn on a black board by any artist who was only somewhat skilled in drawing figures, using a whitish color" - and I cannot tell you anything else about it, except that your conclusion is correct beforehand; and if you want to think a little deeper, you will soon see in this whitish figure, the figure of the prodigal son.

[12.7] But look, My dear children! The table is a little too wide for your eyes, so we will go to the table completely; for you have already seen the whole figure, so let us examine a little more closely the color by means of which this figure is painted on this table.

[12.8] Well, now we are at the panel. See, this shimmering area, the width of a fathom, is a part of the foot of this whole figure. Just look quite close and tell Me what you discover on it. Just look quite closely, do you not discover nothing but small shimmering balls lined up close to each other? You know that this picture is not a painted one, but only a light-image of an external object.

[12.9] What do you think these beads are in reality? Look, I do not want to keep you guessing for a long time, but as you think that these globules are images of distant suns, planets, moons and comets, listen, I should say to you: Children! Do not judge too hastily, otherwise you could be very wrong! However, before I reveal to you the essence of these tiny spheres, you try to count these spheres on a lentil-sized spot!

[12.10] Well, are you already finished? - Yes, yes, I already see, you will not easily finish with it, because there is a hardly pronounceable number of such shimmering dots on this lentilsized surface, and there might be more than a trillion of them; and since you have familiarized yourselves a little with the color, I tell you, of what such a dot is actually an image. As already said, not of a sun, or of another world body, but each such dot, or as it appears to your spiritual eyes as a small sphere, is nothing more and nothing less than the image of a shell-globe. But what a shell-globe means, I do not need to explain to you any more.

[12.11] Now we step back a little and look at the whole figure again. See how it is an accomplished human figure; and since you have now sufficiently looked at this figure, I say to you: This figure represents the universe from and according to My eternal order; and in his way it is not perceptible in reality by anyone except Me. Also this image, as you have now seen it, has never been seen by a created spirit.

[12.12] But I see again what is in you. You would like to see your earth in this man. To show such to you cannot be, as long as the whole figure is emblazoned on the board. But wait a little; for you see, I am a very good optician, therefore I will first make a small optical change in our camera, after which change, nothing but a single shining dot will remain of this whole figure.

[12.13] Now look, the figure has disappeared; everything is already in order. Now let's go back to the table and look for our dot. Well, have you found it yet? Of course, one thing alone doesn't shed much light, but try your eyes and you will find it.

[12.14] You don't have to look up at the high, wide table, but look down at the very bottom, where you before saw the left foot of the whole figure, at the outermost ball of the little toe. This small ball is the shell-globe within which your earth is located.

[12.15] But so that we can reach our earth, I will have to come again with My Epheta over the shimmering dot, and so I speak: Epheta! Now see how this little ball has separated and now takes almost the whole big round shape of the table.

[12.16] See the countless shining dots shimmering through each other again. Now pick out your earth. Not true, you may not find it out of the great myriad of these shimmering dots. Yes, I tell you, you would also make a vain effort, because these dots, which you see there, are already again no suns, but are whole sun-world-areas.

[12.17] Therefore, I will again choose a dot, the right one, and erase all the rest from the great table. Now, there is the chosen dot, and in order to reach the goal faster, I immediately say again: Epheta!

[12.18] Now see, our table is already again full of new shining dots. But these shining dots are again no suns, but are all sun-worlds; therefore it will not do with the finding of the earth also here.

[12.19] And so I will again choose the right one from these dots and delete all the rest from the table. Now, there is the dot. See how it shimmers lonely and dully on the large surface! But only My Epheta! - and the dot is about to expand; therefore Epheta!

[12.20] Now look, our table is again full of shining dots. Wouldn't you like to pick out the earth from all these trillion times trillion dots? But I have to tell you again: Don't bother, because also these dots are not yet suns, but single sun -areas and are what you understand under your so-called nebulous stars (galaxies, ed.).

[12.21] But in order to reach the goal faster, I will also choose the right dot there and delete everything else from the tablet and add the Epheta! - at the same time.

[12.22] Now look at the tablet. Don't you see a cloud of shimmering gravel that spreads horizontally over the whole table and is seven times as long as it is wide? Now look, there, towards the center, we want to choose such a cloud of shimmering gravel again, and erase everything else from the table. Well, everything has already happened again, as you can see, and My Epheta will give this little dot it's proper shape again.

[12.23] Now look quite closely; now you will probably already know your way around. See, there in the middle, a luminous disk the size of a lentil; see, it is the image of your sun, and now look more closely; the third shimmering dot from the sun on the left side a little downward, is your earth.

[12.24] Now I only need to enlarge this picture a little, and you will recognize your earth immediately; and so you earth-dot, open, so that my beholders may recognize you. And see how this point now gradually expands and has now reached that diameter which is sufficient to recognize your natural, dirty residence.

[12.25] Now that we have seen everything, let us return to our prodigal son. And look at the tablet; again our first figure is emblazoned on it. But look, now this figure becomes smaller and smaller, and look, now it has only barely the size of a child, and look again, now also this child has melted down to a dot; but look, on the right side of the board, another large human image begins to appear; and now it is also in the middle of the board, and under it's left foot you still discover the little dot that previously died, which is there in the right proportion to the size of this new image.

[12.26] What do you think this new image represents? You - who have more or less got to know the great man in the writings of Swedenborg - will perhaps think that this is this greatest man. But I say to you: far wrong! This man you see there is nothing more and nothing less than the prodigal son who found himself again, but not in his totality, but it is that prodigal son who found himself again in every single born-again man; or in other words more easily understandable to you: This is a very small one in My new kingdom, and here in this picture a just proportion is presented to you and shows you the perfect measure of a man, which is infinitely more sublime than the whole endless-seeming universe shown to you by the former dissection in the form of the prodigal son!

[12.27] If you now take this picture a little bit to heart, then you should already somewhat begin to understand what it has to do with the return of the prodigal son.

[12.28] You must not think that this fallen Lucifer, who was made known to you in the eleventh hour, will return as a whole. If such would have been possible, truly, there would never have been a material creation -

[12.29] but in every single person who lives according to My words and is born again through the Word and through the redemption, this lost one will be found again and return to the great Father's house!

[12.30] I do not say to you in vain: into the great Father's house; for for people who have become so great, a very great house must also be prepared, where they will be able to take up residence with their Father again.

[12.31] But that it is so, you can clearly understand from all the preceding; for does not every man suffer in himself in the general tribulations, and is every man beaten for his own person? But all these smitings are for one and the same prodigal son.

[12.32] But if a man is beaten, is it not so that only he, as the beaten, feels the pain, while the unbeaten often enough looks on only too painlessly? Or if a whole nation in another part of the world is mistreated, say whether you have ever felt only one lash on your skin? But if someone dies, does he die for himself or for others? Or can you say that anyone was ever born into the world for another? Or does not My redemption and My word apply just as well to each man individually as to whole nations? And can not every man for himself fully receive Me with his love and the living faith from it, that I dwell in him and he in Me?

[12.33] If you now consider all this, can you after all only make the most remote assertion that I am less in one man than in all together?

[12.34] But if I have become one with a man, and he with Me, say, what is there left of the recovery of the prodigal son in a single man?

[12.35] Has he who has received Me, not received and assimilated all things? Truly, every single man who has become one with Me is more, yes, I say, infinitely more, than the great Lucifer ever was in his greatness incomprehensible to you by natural means!

[12.36] See, under this prodigal son, who is called Lucifer, every single person is thus understood. And if a whole nation has become one with me, this whole nation also only becomes one person with Me. And all people who have ever lived on earth and will still live, when they have become one with Me, then they too will only be one person in Me; i.e., one and the same Holy Spirit of all love and of all truth and of all power and of all strength will inspire and animate them all, and there will not be many more than one and one less than many, but all will be perfectly one in Me; and not many will have more power and strength than one, and one not less than many, but all will live like one from the same power and might of the holy spirit of all love and all truth from Me!

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