The Twelve Hours

Eleventh hour

The parable of the prodigal son. Review of the previous lessons. (Writers: K. G. L. - F. S. - Andr. and Ans. H.)

[11.1] You have read in My book (Luk 15:11-32) the story of the prodigal son and you will have read and heard this story not only once, but many times. But I tell you, there is certainly no verse and no chapter in the whole book that would contain something greater than the prodigal son.

[11.2] Neither will there easily be a passage that would be more difficult for you to understand than this one. And this for the reason that you should know, because it is of the greatest importance and as such is an indispensable key to inner contemplation.

[11.3] But this cause is the following and reads thus: I often speak out of My wisdom through love sublime things; but often out of love through the light of wisdom, seemingly insignificantly. Now take note: in the first case you are offered only so much as it is possible for your respective individuality to bear; but in the second case you are given a veiled infinity, with whose finite development, eternities cannot cope.

[11.4] And see, such a seemingly petty gift is also the prodigal son; yes, I say, if you knew all that is behind the prodigal son, truly, archangels would come to you for schooling.

[11.5] I have also shown you in the previous ten hours many things as it is in the present time on earth, whereby I have of course still concealed from you the very greatest of disgraces. I have shown you the deficiencies of jurisprudence in general; I have shown you the madness of Asia as well as the barbarity of Africa; I have shown you the infamies of America, admittedly only a very small part of it; I have shown you the administration of justice of England, especially in it's external conditions, as well as the treatment of the criminals on the coasts of Australia made known to you. Thus I have also shown you in the deep south an ill-treated country, as it was and as it still is for the most part; however, with this very country I must call your attention to something, and that is first of all that you should pay double attention to this very thing said of this country, and secondly, that you should take the very thing said of this country least of all literally; why, the consequence will show you. Furthermore, I have shown you the most tyrannically strict conditions of other island states, and especially of the Japanese, and so some other things in brief about the northern state of Russia.

[11.6] Although things are like this in the world, these circumstances have not been made known to you by Me so that you should see from them how things are in the world, because you will read such things and a thousand times more annoying things only too often in the future, but the reason why I have made these things known to you, is no other than so that you may recognize the great mystery of the prodigal son a little more deeply for your greatest benefit.

[11.7] You are thinking to yourselves, what does the prodigal son have to do with all these world atrocities? And you are full of curiosity how the prodigal son will find his way out of all this world-labyrinth. But I tell you: It is still easier to find the prodigal son out of all these scenes and to understand it, than for a camel to pass through a sewing needle hole.

[11.8] In order to understand the whole, it is necessary that you first of all learn who this real prodigal son is. If I show you the prodigal son, even by name, truly you would be struck with more than sevenfold blindness, if you did not realize in a moment that a great blanket has been removed from your eyes; and now prepare yourselves and hear the name!

[11.9] Behold, his name is Lucifer! - See, in this name is the whole compendium of the prodigal son, eternally incomprehensible and endless for you.

[11.10] Now think that the present, almost entire mankind are nothing but members of this one prodigal son, namely especially those people who are descended from Adam's unblessed line. Behold, this prodigal son has taken out all the fortune that was his due and is now squandering it through periods of time that are too vast for your understanding.

[11.11] You know from the story of the prodigal son what his final fate was. Now look at all these circumstances of the world; and truly you will see nothing but the final fates in the extended scale of the prodigal son.

[11.12] Behold the defective administration of justice; what do you think is it's cause? Truly nothing but carelessness and the dullness of conscience that has arisen from it.

[11.13] Now look again at the prodigal son, whether this is not the first case with him when he leaves his father's house? Consider the follies of Asia - what are they but the natural consequence which the succession of time has gradually brought to the present culmination of abominations?

[11.14] Now go on to Africa: Take the prodigal son by the hand with you, and if you only direct a somewhat sharpened spiritual gaze there, you will discover with wonderful faithfulness not only in the present situation, but in all conceivable situations of this country, yes, I say, not only of Egypt, but of all Africa -

[11.15] and this not only in and from what the present time offers, but through all periods of time, where only any human thought is able to reach, and furthermore, that the prodigal son was in the same situation when he had wasted his fortune, and there he also thought to rise again in all possible ways to some possession, which resembled the former one; but just look at all the fruitless, barbaric efforts of this whole part of the world - to what end do all those who want to become rich there, actually bring it?

[11.16] Much will show you the history of the past and just that shows you irrevocably also the present of this whole part of the world. For I tell you, not only every single human, not only every single people, but the whole world from the first to the last grain of sand, even from the first to the last ray of the sun, in all the individual lands, mountains, rivers, deserts, animals, will faithfully represent the relationship of the prodigal son, as well as from prehistory to the present time and still further.

[11.17] Now take the prodigal son by the hand again, but do not forget to put slave chains on him during this journey and go with him to America: Truly, you would have to be more blind than the center of the earth, if you do not find him there duplicated in all imaginable nuances. Here I do not need to tell you anything more than that North America represents his inside, but the southern, his outside - for which reason also this country already represents in it's form an insect-like starved figure of the prodigal son.

[11.18] He who has ears, let him hear, and he who has eyes, let him see. You will all know how the prodigal son fared in his last period, when the inner sanctified spark of Africa known to you was awakened in him; in Australia, he finds an employer who does not even allow him to feed with the pigs, so that he is forced to fill his stomach with whatever comes to hand.

[11.19] Now you will think, what will the prodigal son do in New Zealand? We do not need to send him to New Zealand, but it will not cost us much effort to recognize New Zealand in the prodigal son himself.

[11.20] Take note: The South means the very heart of man. Now look a bit at the prodigal son, how he is not dressed according to the latest Parisian journal in this last period of his examination; only the most scanty and dirty rags cover his private parts.

[11.21] Now look, there we have the faithful map fluttering around the nakedness of our prodigal; let us stretch or enlarge our prodigal son and take the opportunity to make a brief observational visit to the presently existing Christian church. Does it not resemble this country? Consider it as you will, either spiritually, as I have shown it to you, or also materially, as you may always find it described somewhere; truly, you would have to again be more blind than the center of the earth, if the striking resemblance of this country with the shreds of the prodigal son and these with the church would escape you.

[11.22] As the winds blow away the wretchedness of these inhabitants, the wind did with the rotten rags of the prodigal son - and now the holy winds blowing from above do the same with the church-sects, which are all more pagan than Christian.

[11.23] It will now not require too deep mathematical knowledge on your part to find out at which hour of the great day it is now. - If you still take a look at Japan, you will count on your fingers and show with the clearest signs the inner confinement of the prodigal son as well as the present ecclesiastical conditions, concerning their inside, more than clear as daylight.

[11.24] I do not need to tell you more. But what do you say to a very sick person when his feet have become cold and cold drops of sweat are on his head? Verily, it does not need medical rigor to be able to pronounce in a certain way in prophetic spirit: Only a few more heavy pulse beats, and the agonized and life-weary man will have resigned!

[11.25] First, feel the feet of the prodigal son in the south of the earth; second, feel his head in the great realm of the north, then lay your hand on the old, weary heart of the church; truly, you would have to be again more blind than the center of the earth, if you would not calculate on your fingers at what hour of the great day it is now?

[11.26] You will well remember from the last hour how the second sight was announced and explained to you. Now you will think, should this second sight also have any elective affinity with the prodigal son?

[11.27] Oh beloved ones! When I give something to someone, I do not give it as people do, who even with the best will can never give something wholly, but I always give something whole, and so I tell you: Exactly in this second sight, the whole knot will be untied for you, and after this solution, you will no longer be able to lose your way in your calculation by one minute.

[11.28] Now let us return to our prodigal son, and watch a little how he struggles with the greatest misery of death. See his soul, how it is pressed to a point; and truly, it has to come so far!

[11.29] But look, now happens to the soul of the prodigal son what I have announced to you about the souls who gained the second sight. See, their great distress now spreads out in rapid vibrations, and these reach the great Father's house, and the vibrations of the beloved Father alternate with the fear-, misery- and distress-vibrations of the prodigal son.

[11.30] The soul of the prodigal son feels such a holy, gentle blowing from the house of the great Father. It returns to these holy vibrations from it's rotten house with courage, raises himself again, and returns there in the greatest self-destructive humility, to the place where you know that the prodigal son has returned.

[11.31] But what happens there? Behold, the rags are stripped from the son and burned; only the son, as you know, will be received again.

[11.32] See, now you have unveiled before your eyes the whole secret of the prophetic number of man, which has remained undisclosed until this present moment. If you only go through the circumstances of the time to some extent, truly you would have to be more than dead if you were not yet aware of the holy vibrations of grace that are now emanating in streams from the holy Father's house.

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