The Twelve Hours

[1.5] And ask, what will happen to these people who will enter there? Look a little towards the morning; see, there are already a number of deathly pale crowds, surrounded by all kinds of armed people and poisonous judges, and look further, there a number of murder instruments with which these wretches are executed. There you see burning pyres, gallows, scaffolds and many other instruments of murder. Look, this is the last reformatory for such moral criminals!

[1.6] Now you will ask what have all these done? Yes, I say, among them there are murderers, robbers, thieves, defectors and agitators of the state. There are also a lot of people who have caused great harm to the state by all kinds of frauds; among them, there are those who have seriously violated one or another political or even moral order. Look, the crimes of these unfortunates are revealed, insofar as they can serve as at least an apparent reason.

[1.7] But now we want to raise another question and ask: What is the reason that these people have become such criminals? And if you want to ask someone else about this reason, you will surely get no other answer than that the reason lies either in a neglected upbringing, or - which is one and the same anyway - their parents, pre-parents and grandparents were already thus formed.

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