The Twelve Hours

[1.11] Look, is it not easy to understand that people try to get rid of such an evil God as much as possible? And if they still have any religion, it consists of pure ceremony, and this only out of purely Divine considerations.

[1.12] The consequence of this was already in the beginning no other than that the more worldly part finally abandoned all religion and whatever Christian Divine doctrine, as you like to say.

[1.13] On the other hand, church divisions and sectarianism arose, namely with men who more or less recognized the folly of such a preached Divinity, and in a certain way said in their spirit: Listen, with the Divinity, as it is taught there, is purely not to be gotten along with; we therefore want to take the pure doctrine ourselves, examine it more closely, and see whether there are not some better sides of the Divinity to be found?

[1.14] And in such examination they really found that I am not such a tyrant after all; but on the other hand they forgot that I am God notwithstanding, and then also took My will too lukewarm; others again put Me so high, and in this way philosophized every action which their nature finds to be a stimulating idea as to be just and completely according to My will - in the erroneous idea that whatever is driven through their foolish sense, is My will - and so instead of the old folly, a lot of follies and different concepts of the Divine arose, that it is really not worth the effort to list them for you.

[1.15] The reason of all this was and is no other than - as already mentioned above - partly the moral policy, but mainly the inertia and also the fear of man, to take seriously the marked ways to eternal life; for truly I say, whoever does not take My kingdom as I have proclaimed it, will not receive it, and should he unite all sects in himself, or stand among all sects; for I alone am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

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