Three Days in the Temple

[2.9] Now, after this most significant question, one of the elders, a thoroughly imperious old man, began to babble most confused nonsense which I have no wish whatever to repeat, because, among other things, he called Me a badly-brought-up boy, seeing that I already knew about the being born of woman.

[2.10] Only one younger, somewhat more humane-looking scribe rose up in protest, and said that such in no wise indicated a bad bringing-up, as especially in Galilee, the boys matured earlier than in stunted Jerusalem, where there was nothing but luxury and great pampering of the children. On his own responsibility he considered that a better answer could be given Me; for he was of opinion that I was already acquainted with the conditions of human life. Only the other boys should be sent away, then they themselves could talk to Me as men.

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