Explanation of Scriptures

[4.19] Is it so difficult to love the one who is the Eternal Love Himself, and is it hard to love your own brother? - Oh truly, nothing is easier than that! Take only the world, that ancient plague of the spirit, from your breast, and you will know how sweet and easy it is to love the Eternal Love and love the brother!

[4.20] But it is certainly difficult to love Eternal Love and brother, when the heart is full of the world, full of world accounts, full of money, full of speculation and full of infernal mathematics, which knows how to calculate on the spot, what a penny has to throw off by percentages in the course of usury in a year.

[4.21] Indeed, where the heart of this art is full, the "Lord, Lord!" Will not help much, and the way, the truth and the life will be so narrow and thorny that it will hardly ever be able to be transformed!

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