Explanation of Scriptures

[3.6] But of what a different effect are the winds and the downpour to the building which was built up in the depths on loose sands! When the winds blow and thump against the loose building and shake it, and then the flood-waters caused by the downpour come, the building is done with. For the winds crush the often already cracked walls, where the cracks and crevices are the bad consequence of the sandy soil; and then comes the waters, and it easily tears down the whole building and flushes it into some nearby stream, to its final ruin.

[3.7] I think that this should be as clear as a central sun! For a person who does not even have a clue about a spiritual preparation, must obviously perish if he intentionally lets the spiritual winds and the spiritual downpours pass over him, so that they can turn him into a solid building, or make him a firm, spiritually wise man!

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