The Spiritual Sun

The great being of a child of God on the earth.

[2.2.1] Behold, our most exalted Father ascends with the three who, as has already been mentioned, are now surrounded by an even greater glory. And as you can see, the sublime group moves on quickly.

[2.2.2] But now, have a quick look at our morning region, and especially at the heights of the hills, and see an innumerable multitude of angelic spirits in garments shining brighter than the sun, kindly raising their hands towards the Lord, letting the newcomers understand Who He is Who is leading the three home! Psalms sounds from all sides, and blissful shouts of joy rush towards us; and all this, especially to show the newcomers that the Lord is in His house!

[2.2.3] You say and ask here, "It looks as if the Lord had left the whole highest heaven for a short time out of love for these three; and when He returns home, all these blessed Heavenly angels rejoice overjoyed that the Lord and holy, most loving Father returns from such a harvest trip.

[2.2.4] I say to you that it is indeed like that on certain occasions like this, for with such works of redemption, the Lord will not infrequently make the impression as if He leaves the morning, and after such a journey He is also - except in the ever - visible Mercy Sun - nowhere to be seen personally in the whole infinite heavenly morning kingdom.

[2.2.5] This condition, in which, during such absence, the blessed spirits do not see the Lord, is called a "Blissful Rest"; for in this state all the blessed are preparing themselves again for a higher salvation, and the great longing with which they await the Lord is that which prepares them.

[2.2.6] For this reason, however, we now see the entire endlessly stretched out region of the morning before our eyes coming to life, for from all the endless spaces of this heaven, the angelic spirits rush closer to receive the arriving Father with all the love in their hearts.

[2.2.7] Now, however, we also look at our highly astonished company. The priest turns to the Lord, and says, O thou, ever more holy and most loving Father, what is this for Your holy will? - Are these blissful angelic spirits, or is it all a mere appearance? Because it could barely be assumed that mankind of the earth, because of their very great wickedness, should populate Your highest heavens. For on the earth we knew from the mouth of the pious, the men with pure exalted spirits, that only very dreadful few would enter into this highest heaven; a little more in the two lower heavens, very many in the so-called cleansing place, and even exceedingly many - O Lord, protect us from it - to hell!

[2.2.8] Since the earth now carries the human race for just more than five thousand years, this appearance of this host of visible spirits is incomprehensible. There are so many of them, after a quick estimation with our eyes, that they are so many that if they, would stand man beside man and replace each other continually for a million years, being replaced by new ones, that they would fill the earth to such an extent that if an apple would fall between them, it would not reach the ground. O Lord and most loving Father! This is a completely incomprehensible sight for me! Only in Your supreme heaven should there be perfect proliferation; this is otherwise purely incomprehensible to me.

[2.2.9] The Lord says: Yes, my beloved son, you will still encounter many sights in My house which will seem even more incomprehensible to you than this. Here, however, is no such thing as a pure apparition, but only the most complete, most solid truth!

[2.2.10] Here there are nowhere any deception of the eyes at all, also no reflections as in a mirror, but everything you see here is perfectly solid and palpable. In the realm of love, everything is completely without guile and everything is tightly joined together. Therefore these spirits are as much as you, completely true beings and are all together and all My dear children!

[2.2.11] If you extend the standard of all these children to your own earth, you are certainly right with your account, for My children from the earth are certainly not so many here, and those of them who are, are the exclusive inhabitants of My Holy City.

[2.2.12] But if you have ever looked at the starry sky on a bright night, you will be convinced of the countless numbers of stars. Do you think that these stars are merely sparkling dots in the immeasurable heavens? Behold, these are also numerous worlds, where similar men dwell everywhere and know Me everywhere as the Lord of heaven and their world.

[2.2.13] But the children of the earth are closest to Me because I have made them there personally in the flesh to be My first children. Thus, according to Me, these are the ones who judge the twelve tribes of Israel, which, in this most celestial and spiritual sense, means so much as:

[2.2.14] To these My children, it is given by Me to rule with Me, to investigate and to judge the infinity and all countless creations in it. And the children of the other stars are at their service, as the members of a body are always ready to serve the will in the spirit. Hence, these spirits, together with one of my children, form, on a large scale, according to the activity of their love, a man, provided with all the necessary structures of his will

[2.2.15] A child from the earth out of Me is, therefore, a perfect will of countless other spirits from the stars, who, in and of themselves, each have their own will and can do according to their free, joyous pleasure what they want. Nevertheless, in loving instances, the will of My main children goes into them all, and there are billions of them like one man whose active will-spirit is that of one of my children! "You certainly do not quite understand this, but do not make too much of it yet, for in My eternal city there are still many high schools, in which you will learn many new things.

[2.2.16] But for now, be content with your question with this My Love-answer, and now go with Me and your wife and your brother into this hut of Mine, which we have just reached. There you shall first satisfy thyself in My kingdom at My table and enjoy the eternally true bread and the most living water. So then, come with Me into the dwelling!

[2.2.17] See, they all go inside and the prior's eyes grow wide when he sees the golden simplicity of the cottage, furnished with quite ordinary rural household utensils. The Lord asks him, "My beloved son, how do you like My household? The Prior says: O Lord, Most loving, Most Holy Father. It pleases me very well, for it seems as if one were on the earth in a clean, peaceful country-man's hut. But it is only very wonderful to me how You, the holiest Father, to whom all heavenly and secular glories are attached, may be content with such a simple dwelling. Indeed, this makes You unspeakably more lovable and more sacred, than the most perfect spirit could only imagine in a very limited way.

[2.2.18] The Lord says: See, My beloved son, with Me it is as well, and surely rightly: Sapienti pauca sufficiunt! (i.e., little is enough for the wise). The prior bows down in utmost love to the ground and spoke, completely overwhelmed in his mind: O most gracious, most loving, Holy Father! Not Sapienti, but quam maxime aeterne Sapientissimo! This means: O Lord and my most loving Holy Father, certainly not pauca, but also quam maxime immense multa! (this is not little, but very much). For these, in themselves, simple and few things are certainly in themselves of such extraordinary and wonderful importance that I would hardly apprehend the slightest part of it forever!

[2.2.19] The Lord saith, My dear son! Stand up again, and after you have taken the meal at My table, it shall soon be clear of how much of this little bit you will immediately be able to grasp. But do not make a great deal of the meal, for here you will find, as in the literal sense of the word and meaning, that short hair is soon brushed. Here is nothing of the so-called great heavenly dining tables, but here one dine quite simply and, so to speak, live off bread and water. But you will soon discover in My children that they look very good on this simple diet. Therefore, sit down to the table, for it is already provided with bread and water, and eat and drink as you will see Me eating and drinking.

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