The Spiritual Sun

Continued education of the students through the planets and the seven spheres of the sun, to their heavenly destination

[2.122.1] This, too, will not cost us much effort, for we must only remember that there is still a very large number of other earth bodies besides this earth on which, like on this earth, free beings dwell. This will make it easy to find out what occupation is coming up next for our spirits. Every earth body belongs to some whole planetary system; and each one whole planetary system stands among themselves spiritually and naturally in a reciprocal connection and interaction.

[2.122.2] However, the planetary system belonging to your sun, is the first into which our spirits enter. First up is the moon. Of course, more than a punitive teaching than a freeing one is taught to these spirits. So these spirits are here comparable what you are the elementary teachers who hold in addition to the textbook, a rod of correction in their hands.

[2.122.3] You know very well why this is necessary here. You also know what the moon looks like, what it means to its inhabitants, and how they are taught. And so we have nothing more to say about it.

[2.122.4] From there, these teachers and their students do not immediately go to heaven, but into the spiritual sphere of the planet Mercury, where there are already higher teachers. From Mercury they then go to Venus; from this for the sake of greater humility, to Mars. For those who have not yet adopted the just degree of humiliation in Mars, then a detour is made into what you call the four small planets. But in those who have already adopted a great degree of humility in Mars, an elevation to Jupiter is immediately accomplished. From Jupiter they first enter into the exceedingly beautiful Saturn, from there into Uranus and finally into the already known last planet under the name Miron (Neptune), but it goes without saying, everywhere only into the spiritual sphere of these planets.

[2.122.5] Somebody here could ask: is that the usual way, which all spirits have to be guided to finally reach heaven?

[2.122.6] Oh, no, I say, only those people enter here who were very natural and vainly sensual under the direction of the spirits known to us. These must be guided on the somewhat lengthy scientific way into the love and wisdom of the Lord; and that is because the natural sensuality of man is a consequence of the taking up of that effect which is called planetary in humans.

[2.122.7] No human being is passively obliged to absorb this planetary effect; but if he is enabled by the stimulation of the flesh and other pleasurable sensualities, then he also absorbs such influences half-suffering and half-active. But since these influences are mostly sensorial, they are bad; and man can, in his spiritual corresponding possession, not enter the kingdom of heaven until he is freed from all these obsessions.

[2.122.8] For example, an exaggerated desire to travel and to trade and influence of Mercury, as he was already known as such with the ancient wise men. Venus depicts the beautiful spiritual 'being in love', as it was already known to the ancient wise; Mars, the battle and desire to rule, as also the old wise men knew; Jupiter an exaggerated pedantic ambition, according to profound erudition; Saturn, an easy excitability of the passions; from Uranus a great love of pomp and from Miron an exaggerated desire to all sorts of arts such as music, poetry, painting, mechanics, industry of all kinds and the like.

[2.122.9] It is not as if the human of the earth would have received such from the planets; but man originally has all this in a just degree in himself and can also awaken and use it in his own right. But when man throws himself too much on one or the other branch, he exceeds the measure of the influence of such a planet, because he particularly emphasizes the self-supporting planet and surrenders himself to its influence. It is precisely through the awakening of his special passion, that he allows unhindered communication to the mutual interacting polarities, which is not difficult to grasp for the one who has noticed something of my first explanation of the cause of vision, that no one can see what he is not in himself. For this very reason, such spirits must then go through the planetary journey and, to a certain extent, again deposit the strangeness there on the scientific path of experience, from where they have taken it.

[2.122.10] When they have finished, they come into the sun, in which they again have to experience all the same planetary qualities to their principal foundations. Only after completion of such school, they become the lesser guards of the little children.

[2.122.11] But the leaders become chief teachers here. And if they have undergone the school to perfection, only then will they be received as citizens of the holy city of Jerusalem, where they must first be by far the least, and must be guided by the chief citizens in all the great heavenly affairs which in number, a world full of books would not hold! For as the creations of the Lord are infinite, so infinitely branched are the affairs of the angels of the highest heaven.

[2.122.12] Now you know the whole progress and the finite determination of the child spirit angels and therefore also know the spiritual arrangement of the sun. - And so my teaching is over for you too. Therefore return to where the Lord Himself awaits you!

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