The Spiritual Sun

[2.1.5] The Lord says: My dear son, friend, and brother! You have not guessed wrongly at all, for in such cities, whose number has no end along this ever-widening stream, I do certainly not infrequently find Myself in. But I am not quite fully at home there, except in the sun which you see, by which I am equally at home in all the heavens. Therefore, you can keep on guessing.

[2.1.6] The priest says, "O Lord, and most loving Father, may You be at home in one or another of those great wonderful palaces, which are also visible at the moment; for You have spoken of a great house which is in the heavens. But since, in such an unfathomably great palace, there will surely be a great number of dwellings; can you possibly be at home in one of the greatest among the endlessly many?

[2.1.7] The Lord saith, I say unto thee, My dear Son, brother, and friend. Here, too, you have not given too much thought to the matter, for indeed, as in the cities, I also do find Myself personally on great occasions in these large dwellings. But I am not continually or particularly differently present in this great house than in the cities; therefore you may like to consider again.

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