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[2.1.10] The priest said: O Lord! I can remember this "perhaps”, and now, with a great, blessed longing I await the revelation thereof. With regard to the bearing of your most holy Being on the earth, I am certain that I have borne You in the symbols of bread and wine in my hands. Here it seems to me as if the three conditions: how, when and where can be sure. Otherwise, I would not really be able to produce anything worthy of carrying you.

[2.1.11] The Lord saith, My dear Son, brother, and friend, look at the city, and at the river. This represents the form of bread and wine; - as I am at home in the city, in My primordial peculiarity, also in your breads and wines. See, therefore, there is still a problem with the carrying, and you have not understood the meaning of the question, for you have not carried Me, and you will, therefore, have to search somewhere else for the how, when, and where.

[2.1.12] The prior says: O Lord and Most Holy Father! If I have made a mistake, I truly know nothing except when I think that you were in Your Holy Spirit in my mouth and on my tongue, when I preached in Your name to the people and spoke Your word. For Your word is surely Your most pure dwelling according to the testimony of John!

[2.1.13] The Lord says, My dear son, brother, and friend, look at the splendid palaces. Behold, these are full of light and full of life from Me. But just as I am actually at home in these palaces, so you have also carried Me with your mouth and with your tongue. But you have seen that I am not essentially at home; so it will also point out a problem with your carrying. And it turns out that you have carried Me neither preaching the Word nor serving the poor; neither as a friend and successor of My first disciple nor as a brother, as a witness to and preacher of My Word. Therefore, you can also here express yourself more clearly about the how, when and where.

[2.1.14] The prior says: O Lord and Most Holy Father! I suspect greater things, and I scarcely dare to say. Could it not be, for instance, when I, as a boy, still loved You so passionately in my heart, that I often burst into tears with love, or perhaps also in my office, since I also secretly felt such a powerful love for You that I was not infrequently almost sick with great delight, or perhaps at those moments when I was moved to tears at the sight of my poor brothers, and helped them with Your grace as far as I could. "If I have borne You once in such a way, I would not know who from all this is the one where You, dear Holy Father, have so deeply humiliated Yourself to let me carry You.

[2.1.15] The Lord saith, My dear son, brother, and friend. Look at the small dwellings of the morning: as it is there, so is it here. Wherever you go, you go to the right place; - and, here, this is how, when and where become united. How did you carry Me? - See, always in your love for Me! - When did you wear Me? - See, always in your love for Me! - Where did you wear Me? - See, everywhere and always in your love for Me; so you always kept Me in your heart!

[2.1.16] But whoever carries Me in his heart, carries Me also in the preaching of the Word and in serving the poor. But as in helping the poor and in preaching the Word is no carrying power, if it does not precede from the heart, then no one can carry Me by preaching the Word and helping the poor, who do not first carry Me in the heart. So the "perhaps" is revealed to you, for you were uncertain of how, when and where you carried Me.

[2.1.17] Now, however, is when the how, when and where are merged into one, and from the friend and brother has come a son. Therefore, I say no more to you: My friend, brother, and son, but alone: My beloved and loving son, follow Me now to those high places to the dwellings; we shall dwell and work together under one roof forever. Amen!

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