The Spiritual Sun

[2.1.10] The priest said: O Lord! I can remember this "perhaps”, and now, with a great, blessed longing I await the revelation thereof. With regard to the bearing of your most holy Being on the earth, I am certain that I have borne You in the symbols of bread and wine in my hands. Here it seems to me as if the three conditions: how, when and where can be sure. Otherwise, I would not really be able to produce anything worthy of carrying you.

[2.1.11] The Lord saith, My dear Son, brother, and friend, look at the city, and at the river. This represents the form of bread and wine; - as I am at home in the city, in My primordial peculiarity, also in your breads and wines. See, therefore, there is still a problem with the carrying, and you have not understood the meaning of the question, for you have not carried Me, and you will, therefore, have to search somewhere else for the how, when, and where.

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