The Spiritual Sun

[1.4.12] Oh, dear people, then you still have a very poor image of the spiritual world. Did you not grasp the given examples, that the whole of the outer in all its division finally must express itself in unification? You saw it in the example of the tree, the polishing of the metal stave, the production of glass, the building of a house and finally convincingly by looking at a clockwork.

[1.4.13] If it would be the goal in the spiritual to divide even more than what it is in the outer natural, how would man then see himself in eternal existence and an eternal life!! So, according to the true, inner living order, everything must unite in the spiritual to become by that eternally strong, mighty and enduring. Now you say: This is clearly completely right and true, yet we have heard many times You speaking about the great glories of the heavenly spiritual world. Therefore, we do not know now how to take things. We truly cannot say anything against the simple glory of the spiritual sun but according to our previous impressions regarding the heavenly world, this looks like a nice summer's day, where we would see a swarm of ephemera floating haphazardly in the sun's rays, while none of them could explain where they come from, where they are going and why they are crisscrossing the sun-saturated light in every possible direction.

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