The Spiritual Sun

You are asking: Yes, it is all well to ignite the torch with the spark of love, but where do we get it from? On this, I can really say nothing other than that we are going to get it exactly from where it should be gotten from. It would be ridiculous if we would not be able, having the whole fiery sun, not be able to ignite the torch's wick!! For with the spark of love I exactly do understand the sun, which we now hold in her full-length, depth, and breadth in our hands. If you would be able to ignite a little fungus with the aid of a magnifying glass the size of a coin with the sun's rays while this sun in the natural is more than 22 million miles away, then this very close-by sun will also be able to ignite our torch. – The Spiritual Sun, Book 1, Chapter 4, Paragraph 1

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