The Spiritual Sun

Now we return to our sun again. Regard this great clockwork as a measure for your unthinkably long times. We have seen the variegated mechanism of this gigantic timepiece. We saw that My Love is the almighty, living spring operating between the two great plates, namely eternity and infinity, putting the great work in motion. We saw the countless teethed gears as well as all pins and pillars. We now know the mechanics. From the variety of its parts, it is just as difficult to detect the destination as if one would want to divide the hours inaccurate fractions by ignoring the dial plate, yet looking at the different movements of the gearing. This is true and nothing can be said against it, many would say, yet the question remains: How then do we arrive at the great mechanism on the central axis which erects itself out of the material above the dial plate of the final and single great destination? I tell you, do not worry yourselves about it, for nothing is easier than exactly this, if one have already made a thorough study and very well know all the parts. Since we now chose the clockwork as an example, we will also elevate ourselves to the great surface by means of this same example. – The Spiritual Sun, Book 1, Chapter 3, Paragraph 8

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