The Spiritual Sun

If we should look into the clockwork even more though, we would see little gears moving in different ways; first a very lively little sling, then the adjacent little gear. The sling is still far removed from the destination, for it cannot yet describe a full circle, but is still chased to and fro and even though it is the fastest moving part of the whole mechanism, it does not go any further. The next gear, clearly controlled by the busy little sling, detect the happy jumps of the sling and move forward one step with every jump, in its quick, yet incessant cyclic movement. One still sees the jumps of the little sling, but it does not do harm to the whole. The cyclic movement has been achieved. The next gear already shows more regular movement, describes a restful circle and is already much closer to the final destination. The sequential gear's movement is even more smooth, more enduring, more regular and more peaceful and is, therefore, closer to the main purpose, yes it has full connection to it. With the last gear, the goal has been achieved; mechanically judged, it already gives an indication of it [the goal], but it cannot yet be recognized in the mechanics itself. – The Spiritual Sun, Book 1, Chapter 3, Paragraph 5

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