The Spiritual Sun

[1.2.5] If you would now consider your feelings, seeing from the beginning of the crude material to the finishing of the stately building, then you would surely discover a vast difference. How was this difference achieved? I tell you, none other than by the determined and good organization and the unification of the separate crude matter to a whole. When you first walked among the heaps of crude matter, it was discouraging to your being and your emotions stirred chaotically. When you saw how the crude matter was made more useful and organized through the fire and the tools of the carpenters, you felt more blissful, for you already saw the possibility for a house to emerge from such orderly matter. Yet, you still could not properly imagine the house itself.

[1.2.6] When you saw the builder master laying out the building plan, you felt in some sense pleasantly surprised, for you could already say: Behold, look, this will become a magnificent building! When you saw it after the finishing off was done, you longed for the completion. When the building was fully complete, you looked at it with great satisfaction and when you were guided through the elegant rooms of the house, you were greatly awed and said: who would have thought that something like this could emerge from the still crude material?

[1.2.7] Look, thus it is with what we have seen up till now in the natural sun. It is crude matter, appearing in this condition without coherence or relation. When one would consider the inhabitants of the sun and all their works separately, he would find no coherence or mutual relationships. Only in the spiritual these completely crude pieces become more and more organized. From the organization can be gathered unto which higher destination they exist, since the innermost of all refer to one and the same being, in which their final and full organization will find completion.

[1.2.8] Therefore, we will only finally see the finished building in the spiritual sun, where everything will come together and present itself when united, in abundant glory.

[1.2.9] You now see how this plain example contains a glorious gospel and unlock an order to the introspector, of which no mortal ever have dreamt. With this example, I want to draw your attention to something – that the spiritual is coming closer and this especially in the sun itself.

[1.2.10] You have witnessed the various institutes of the whole sun, with everything on and in her. She contains endless and almost indescribable variety. How does this surely memorable institution of the sun express himself?

[1.2.11] Every time you look at the sun gives you the answer: Through a generally exceptionally intensive light and aureole.

[1.2.12] Look how the almost infinite multiplicity has gathered himself there and emanate the united [multiplicity] into the almost endless distances of space. It is not necessary to present the countless effects of the sun, for every day on your small earth globe describes and sings its praises manifold. Would the sun have the same wondrous effects without her surrounding light-collection with all her innumerable parts? Oh, surely not! Ask the truly dark night, and she will literally show and tell you to what a sun without light would amount. But we do not have to be content with such a still crass example, for there is another one which is still much better.

[1.2.13] For you to have even more convinced insight into how everything brings us closer to our goal if we would only look at it from the right standpoint, you will choose yourselves for the next example, the first and best and thus also the very best substance, and we will see how and if it is usable for our cause. I think though that it would be rather impossible for you in this respect, to choose a useless substance, for what is proper to the form of a discovered piece of ore? Put it in the furnace and the proper degree of heat will take it to its correct destination! Do not then tediously search for one or the other substance, for as I already told you: I can use everything, like someone who has difficulty walking! And so, we will leave it then for today.

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