The Spiritual Sun

[1.1.13] The spiritual sun is, therefore, the innermost of the sun and is a spark of mercy out of Me. Then the spiritual powerfully permeates all matter of the sun and finally, it is also encompassing the whole being of the sun. This all taken together is thus the spiritual sun. This is the actual sun, for the visible, material sun is only a body of the spiritual sun, being profusely influenced by and are completely dependent on the spiritual sun. This body is formed in all its parts in such a way that the spiritual can express itself in and through it and as such again completely gathers it in a unit.

[1.1.14] Who wants to observe the spiritual sun, first must look at her outer appearance and then realize that this all, in the details as well as overall, is permeated and encompassed with the spiritual sun – then he will already have a vague image of the spiritual sun.

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