The Spiritual Sun

[1.1.11] As example, we will give a few more instances. Look at an electrical conductor or an electrical flask. If such a conductor or electrical flask would be charged with the electricity of a rubbed glass plate, it permeates all the matter and thus becomes the inner part and equal to its permeating element. If you would approach such a conductor or flask, you will soon, by softly waving and pulling, feel that the fluidim is encompassing the whole matter of the conductor or flask.

[1.1.12] An even more telling example for you is the emanation of every person, just like other beings; of which the most obvious is the somnambulates. The distance over which a magnetizer and a somnambulate treated by him can exchange messages, some of you did experience. If the spirit would be only an internal and a non-permeating being, then so-called magnetizing would not be possible at all. If the spirit were not the all-encompassing and all-controlling, tell, how would such contact between a magnetizer and a somnambulate be possible? I think that we have ample examples from which we can conclude where, how and in what way the spiritual is expressed everywhere, thus surely also conveys itself in, through and by the sun.

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