The Spiritual Sun

Jesus on the wonderful paths of His love

[2.1.1] Look, there is again the well-known land with the lovely little houses. But this time it appears in an even brighter light than the previous times. The reason for this is that the love of these three unto the Lord is exceedingly powerful and great.

[2.1.2] See how the Lord Himself, in His supreme simplicity, explains to these three all the marvels of the principal midday heaven and shows them who and where all the blessed inhabitants are in this region. On the Earth, such an explanation would certainly have seemed very heretical to our prior since this extremely glorious and endlessly vast heavenly region is mainly inhabited by Protestants. But since he is now in a completely different light, he cannot praise and glorify every demonstration of His infinite goodness, love, and mercy enough.

[2.1.3] Now we have already come back to our well-known river and the Lord, who is having a repose, speaks to the prior and thus also to his wife and the lay brother: See, here is the border between morning and noon. At My side, you can see both areas, but those who dwell here are not yet able to do so. They can only see the area inhabited by themselves and that in great clarity, but the region of the morning they may see not any differently than a reddish glow, which radiates over them from a distant, very high mountain range. But since you see both regions, tell me, in which region do you suppose I live?

[2.1.4] The prior, looking around a little seeing a large city on the left bank of the river, says: O You most loving Father! There on the river, surely full of the living water, your heavenly Jerusalem will stand, which is written, that it is the city of the living God. So, perhaps it would not be too wrong of me to say that You dwell in this holy city; for something more decidedly exalted as is this holy city, can no angelic being ever imagine.

[2.1.5] The Lord says: My dear son, friend, and brother! You have not guessed wrongly at all, for in such cities, whose number has no end along this ever-widening stream, I do certainly not infrequently find Myself in. But I am not quite fully at home there, except in the sun which you see, by which I am equally at home in all the heavens. Therefore, you can keep on guessing.

[2.1.6] The priest says, "O Lord, and most loving Father, may You be at home in one or another of those great wonderful palaces, which are also visible at the moment; for You have spoken of a great house which is in the heavens. But since, in such an unfathomably great palace, there will surely be a great number of dwellings; can you possibly be at home in one of the greatest among the endlessly many?

[2.1.7] The Lord saith, I say unto thee, My dear Son, brother, and friend. Here, too, you have not given too much thought to the matter, for indeed, as in the cities, I also do find Myself personally on great occasions in these large dwellings. But I am not continually or particularly differently present in this great house than in the cities; therefore you may like to consider again.

[2.1.8] The Prior says: O holy, loving Father! A light is going on for me now. Since in the world you have only approached the small and the insignificant so lovingly and friendly, You may also have a region here where, on the hills, where there are small, sweet houses, hospitable and inviting. But since these small dwelling-houses all resemble each other, it would be difficult for me to determine the right one from among the many; and to take the next best, would seem to me to be before you, O Lord, somewhat inconsiderate and unworthy.

[2.1.9] The Lord saith, My son, brother, and friend. This is where your "maybe" has hit you; for behold, you can choose what thou wilt and it shall be right. But do you know that you once bore Me on the earth? - Would not you advise Me now, how, when and where?

[2.1.10] The priest said: O Lord! I can remember this "perhaps”, and now, with a great, blessed longing I await the revelation thereof. With regard to the bearing of your most holy Being on the earth, I am certain that I have borne You in the symbols of bread and wine in my hands. Here it seems to me as if the three conditions: how, when and where can be sure. Otherwise, I would not really be able to produce anything worthy of carrying you.

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