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[SA 13.9] The first class of animal consists of countless amounts of extraordinarily small white worms, which are so tiny that millions have adequate room in one normal drop of water. The second class is a larger class of worm which is already equipped with two arms. Even these are not visible to the keen eye of the Saturnites. These animalcule of the second level consume many thousands of the first species every second, and through this pattern their life into its own. The third class is a kind of elongated gray worm about the size of nematodes, namely the anguillula aceti. This animal class is very voracious and nourishes itself from the two lower classes and thus incorporates their life into its own. The fourth class are species of worms which have two heads and already have a length of 2.14 to 2.25 mm; towards the girth they are a little thicker, so that their shape is similar to a crescent roll. This animal only consumes its predecessors. The next class differs already from the previous ones by gender. In the preceding classes no difference in gender existed. This animal, however, on account of its two heads is structured in such a way that it unifies within itself the male and female principle, indicated by its two heads. The next or fifth class already consists of a kind of four-armed reddish coleopteron. This animal has a visible length of 4.28 to 4.50 mm and a body width of about 1.07 to 2.12 mm; it is a glutton because it eats all the preceding classes in countless amounts and thereby incorporates their life into its own. That is how, in the case of a thousand such levels of such living beings, one always enters into the other until they are accepted by the class of the crustacean.

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