From Hell to Heaven

[2.191.18] Says Cado: “There is no talk of that, but the fatal thing is that once here, there is no happy riddance of her!” – Says Robert: “In that case let’s try stopping her from coming; we surely should be furnished with excess divine power for it!” Says Cado: “Try it, but probably in vain; she will claim fullest right to come and seek entry at the door to God’s house. It is quite another thing whether she will be admitted. Let us just let her go her way unhindered, pretending not to notice her. Should she still steer towards us, we may go rough on her, but take neither a friendly nor judgemental stand, but a dispassionate one – that’s the least agreeable one to her. It’s the quickest way to get rid of her; I think I have her full measure.”

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