The Fly

[3.11] See, these millions and millions of flies have the purpose of consuming the excessive so-called electrical fire generated by the sun, thus lessening its effect, so that it does not unleash itself through overloading and delivering a finishing blow to the entire world. Understand, this electrical fluid is an extremely mighty fire – this, of course, means ‘in its positive sphere’! As long as the planet’s negative electricity is in balance with the positive, which develops from the sun’s rays, no unleashing of the positive electricity is possible. But if the positive electricity exceeds the negative even by a thousandth part, the unleashing of the positive is almost unavoidable. How then is such devastation prevented?

[3.12] Now, watch our little animals, how they flit here and there so industriously and, in their rapid flight, suck up the excess positive electricity, wherein the polarity is soon reversed; the fly uses up the positive, which resembles oxygen, and then breathes out the negative, as man does with nitrogen from the inhaled air after the lungs have retained the oxygen for the nourishment of the blood.

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