The Healing Power of Sunlight


[2.1] Take a cup made of dark violet glass with a 3 to 4 zoll (± 4.50 to 6 cm) diameter, about 1 zoll (1 zoll = 1.5 cm) high, and with a very smooth rim. Have a lid made for this cup to cover it hermetically (air tight).

[2.2] Once you have acquired such a vessel which is best fit for this, then take the little milk sugar globules(1402) that you know and scatter them on the bottom of the cup in such a way that they are not covered by other globules. Then expose the cup with the globules to the rays of the sun for a longer time and the globules will absorb the sunrays and all its specific spirits. If then a sick person, after having adhered to the proper diet, is given 1, 2 or at the most 3 of such globules, preferably before sunrise, he will greatly improve, beginning with the 3rd, but no later than the 4th day. For the soul will take from it what it lacks and thus strengthened, it will discard what it cannot use and thereupon it will easily attain the proper life-current for its body.

[2.3] In summer when the sun is most effective, it is sufficient if the above-mentioned little milk sugar globules are exposed to the sun for 1 month. However, they may not be exposed to the sun all the time while it is visible in the firmament, but only for as long as the sun is still standing at an angle of 45 degrees. Below that, because of the low angle of the rays, their light and impact is too weak and has little or no effect at all upon the globules. Therefore, they must be carefully covered with the described lid and kept in a cool dry place until the next day.

[2.4] To store these sunlight impregnated globules you must get little bottles made from dark-violet glass, made airtight with a clean stopper from the same glass, only then can they be well sealed by means of a bladder (plastic today). They must be kept in a cool and dry place.

[2.5] In spring or autumn the exposure of the globules to the rays of the sun would take about 3 months. All further manipulation remains the same. In winter it is impossible to prepare this remedy since the angle of the sunrays is too great and makes them ineffective.

[2.6] The diet is the same as used in homeopathy with great care, except that one has to start with this diet 3-7 days earlier than in ordinary homeopathic treatment. During the preceding diet the patient may have several drinks of water during the day which has been exposed to the sunlight.

[2.7] As a drinking vessel a lighter shade of violet glass, or at least a little porcelain pot glazed with this color, is preferable to anything else.

[2.8] In order to make the water particularly effective, you could also use a burning glass of at least 1.5 schuh (45 cm) diameter with a focal distance of, at the most, 3 feet and with it direct the concentrated sunrays, as they appear in the focal point onto the water in such a way that the focal point, depending on the height of the vessel, falls 1, 2 or up to 3 zoll (1.5 to 4.5 cm) below the surface of the water, that is, more in the center of the water mass. However, the focal point must not be more than half a minute in the water as thereby the certain invigorating spirits of the water would be captivated too much by the light spirits from the sun, and with weaker natures such a water would produce a too violent effect which would be detrimental rather than beneficial to the subsequent main cure.

[2.9] Also a good, pure wine, provided it is not kept in oak containers, but either in skins, as in former times, or in glass bottles, or maybe even casks from sweet wood, can be treated in the same way as the water and is preferable in the case of people with weak nerves.

[2.10] After the use of this remedy, the same diet – according to the season – must be observed for 3 months. The patient should be outdoors in the fresh air often, when the sun is shining, and he will be completely restored to health.

[2.11] Married couples shall note that, during the time of treatment, they must refrain from sexual intercourse, for the sperm of both sexes is a principal life-specific and the soul must not be deprived of it during the restoration of its body.

[2.12] If a person who has thus been restored to health subsequently lives a moderate and orderly life, he will not easily fall ill again and may reach a ripe old age.

[2.13] This is one method by which the sunlight can be used to serve people’s health. But another one and several more methods I will add to your knowledge soon.

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