The Household of God

[1.17.2] "Abel, you most obedient son of My blessing, merciful love, I now ordain you priest and teacher of all your brothers and sisters and comforter of your parents. On every Sabbath, in the morning when the sun rises, you shall make an offering of the best and purest fruits, about which I shall later give you exact instructions. In the evening when the sun is setting you shall ignite them with the fire of love. I shall show you how it is naturally hidden in a stone and how one can always obtain it from there. And you shall not cover your head from midnight to the following midnight, so that it may be free to receive My great grace. But all your brothers shall uncover their heads only in the morning and cover them again in the evening. The sisters of your body, however, shall keep their faces and heads covered during the entire holy day. Only Eve may at midday look three times towards the altar of God.

[1.17.3] "Adam shall never cover his head, throughout his existence, for a sign that he is the father of your flesh and that you may at all times recognize him by his head and everywhere show him respect and love.

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