The Household of God

[1.16.11] "And now go and do exactly what I, eternal Love, have told you to do. After all this has been accomplished, I shall again speak to you and yours through the mouth of My angel who is a cherub and the mouth of the holy Father's wisdom and love. And now go and do it!"

[1.16.12] And behold, Abel did as commanded and departed from his people after having passed the blessing to the father of his body according to My will, secretly revealed to him in his heart.

[1.16.13] Adam, weeping, embraced him and Eve pressed him to her heart, grieving, and all his brothers and sisters warmly shook hands with him for a brief farewell in the business of Jehovah. Also Cain came, held out his right hand and bowed deeply to him. Thus Abel departed with mutual blessings and the great blessing from above, accompanied by the angel of the Lord.

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