The Household of God

"Abel, behold, of all the sacrifices you have made to the Lord of Holiness in the purity of your heart, none was greater than this one and none as pleasing to Him. Therefore, as willed by Him, take this sword of justice from the hand of your brother from above - since we are children of one and the same holy Father - and use it according to the might of wisdom and the power of love for the benefit of your people. Revive within them the weakened power of life, cause love for the Love of the holy Father to burn anew and kindle within their hearts the flame of the righteous fear of God. I shall not leave you, but at all times stand invisibly by you, my beloved brother, and if you wish it also visibly, always prepared to serve you in the will of the Lord. – The Household of God, Book 1, Chapter 13, Paragraph 43

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