The Household of God

[1.13.33] And behold, eternal Love spoke to Abel through the mouth of the angel, as I am now speaking through your impure one:

[1.13.34] "Abel, behold the father of your body and help him. And behold his wife Eve, the mother of your body, languishing on the ground, and raise them both up so that they and all the others may be strengthened for their flight. And the good and holy Father will be pleased with you for showing love to the weak father and mother of your body as well as to all your brothers and sisters regardless of whether they are blessed or not. For your power will strengthen them and the fullness of the grace within you refresh them. Thus, lead them with the hand of filial love and the hand of brotherly loyalty with great patience and love to the place I will indicate to you by causing them all to sink down from exhaustion.

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