The Household of God

[1.13.16] "Therefore, I have returned visibly to first of all gather your offering into this vessel of merciful grace, which is the eternal Son within the Father, and to present it before His most holy countenance, the apple of the eternal Father's eye. But prior to that still to chastise the transgressors of the law of love and the commandment of holy grace, to withdraw from them a great part of the gifts, to smite them with blindness and cast them out of Paradise.

[1.13.17] "Now leave your sacrificial altar, place yourself at my left hand so that my chastising fight hand may be free for the transgressors, and follow me into the house of sin. When I shall have awakened the sleeping sinners from their drunkenness of fornication and they, seized with great fear, will flee before the sword of justice, follow them as one who is also fleeing and carry for the parents of your body a small part of the lost gifts and hand it to them for their support when, exhausted and weeping they will fall to the ground in a distant land, called 'Ehuehil' or 'Land of Refuge'. In that land you shall erect a sacrificial altar like this one here, which will keep burning, even under the waters that one day will cover the earth. It will turn into a mountain inaccessible to mortal feet until the great Time of times when it will incline its summit towards the valley which will be called 'Bethlehem', or the small town of the great king, and one day will become the greatest on earth. Its light will shine brighter than the light of the spirits of all the suns. On this new altar you shall burn thank-offerings to the Lord from all the kingdoms on earth in this land of refuge to make it more bearable to the sinners, strengthen the penitent and comfort the grieving."

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