The Household of God


[1.13.1] Now let us return to Adam and Eve and see how they and their two descendants conducted their lives before the all-seeing eyes of the holiness of Jehovah. And behold, for a short time which, according to your reckoning, amounted to thirty revolutions of the earth around the sun, called by you years, the couple lived with their blessed descendants whose number was the same as the number of years, except for Cain who was not blessed.

[1.13.2] And now behold what furthermore happened. On the day of the Lord, already through Adam's heart appointed as a day of rest by eternal Love Itself and later by the angel on several occasions in remembrance of the great acts of merciful Love and for the most reverential contemplation of the boundless holiness of God, the good Father, Adam wandered alone through the countryside to admire the beauty of the landscape. The world appealed to him immensely, and his thoughts completely turned away from God.

[1.13.3] Absorbed in his contemplations, he came to the banks of a great river. Its name was 'Eheura' or 'Remember the Time of Jehovah!' -for that is what the mightily rushing stream was calling. But Adam, deep in worldly thoughts, did not understand the meaning of this speech by the rushing waters of the stream.

[1.13.4] When he was thus walking along the bank of the river his left foot became suddenly caught in a creeper laying across his path and then twisting around a big tree. He fell heavily and felt a great pain in his body, which was a new sensation for him. He was annoyed with the plant, looked at it angrily and asked whether it did not know its lord.

[1.13.5] And the plant replied: "No, I do not know you."

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