The Household of God

[1.11.24] "And behold, Adam, and listen, Eve! You are still in Paradise where eternal Love has placed you before and after your sin and before and after the destruction. But if you should ever forget yourselves and not faithfully observe the laws of love and the commandments of the holy Father's wisdom, you will be expelled from this beautiful garden by this flaming sword and will never again be allowed to enter it during the time of your physical life, and until the time of the promise none of your descendants either. Only after that time will the children of salvation and the there from proceeding new creation by eternal Love be allowed to enter it again.

[1.11.25] 'Take notice of this, Adam, and you, Eve, remember it, too! The fruit that will come forth from you, Eve, - this living fruit you, Adam, shall call Abel and offer him to the Lord of eternal glory. His name is 'Son of Grace' and he shall be the first prototype of Him Who one day in the great Time of times will come in perfection from above out of the bosom of the might and power of God's holiness.

[1.11.26] "Now that I have guided you, have shown and told you everything, according to the will of eternal Love, my mission on behalf of the eternal love in the Father of all holiness and goodness is accomplished and I have to leave you visibly. But invisibly I shall follow you and count your every step according to the immutable will of Jehovah.

[1.11.27] You will get to see me every time you shall offer your hearts in humility to the Lord of Glory. And I shall receive your offering into a vessel, carry it up to God and empty it out before the face of the Son, and the great and holy Father will be pleased with your works.

[1.11.28] "But you will also get to see me if you should, or could, stray from the law of love and the commandments of the holy Father - just as you are now still seeing me - with the flaming sword in my fight hand, about to drive you from the garden and to take from you, Adam, a great part of the gifts from eternal Love out of Its great grace, and to leave you weak and afraid of the slightest noise of the grass."

[1.11.29] And now, you blind scribe of this My new and living Word within you, as also within all of you, look at Adam what he was like in Paradise. He was a perfect man, with one exception, endowed with many abilities, a perfect lord of the earth. All his perfections were but a gift from Me and he kept them until the time when he just once forgot Me, after the angel had become invisible to his eyes.

[1.11.30] And behold, all that which Adam possessed as a gift will I give all of you as a permanent gift and countless more and endlessly greater treasures, that is, Myself. And all that is Mine shall be yours too if you love Me, and nothing but love Me!

[1.11.31] But where is your love for which I paid such a high price and which I would like to call Mine forever? Oh, there is not much of it left on earth! It is so easy and so gentle, but you do not want it and do not seek it where it is waiting for you and reject the high prize it holds.

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