The Household of God

[1.11.23] "But whoever is not as you now are, shall be and remain henceforth, will keep the gift for a limited time. However, the gift of grace will be taken from him as soon as he is no longer as you now are, shall be and remain. Even the descendants of Eve will raise themselves above their heads, be totally disloyal to them, run after the dogs, feed on the excrements of vipers and suckle their children with the breast of adders. And your descendants will be poisoned through them and die a bitter death physically and spiritually in eternal shame and tormenting disgrace.

[1.11.24] "And behold, Adam, and listen, Eve! You are still in Paradise where eternal Love has placed you before and after your sin and before and after the destruction. But if you should ever forget yourselves and not faithfully observe the laws of love and the commandments of the holy Father's wisdom, you will be expelled from this beautiful garden by this flaming sword and will never again be allowed to enter it during the time of your physical life, and until the time of the promise none of your descendants either. Only after that time will the children of salvation and the there from proceeding new creation by eternal Love be allowed to enter it again.

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