The Household of God

[1.10.9] 'This tear will one day rise for you and your descendants as a beautiful morning star which will give light to the nations of the earth that will in times to come follow your penitent and grieving footsteps, will wash the stinking mire of sin from the earth and cleanse your tears of repentance and grief of the dirt of the serpent.

[1.10.10] "Now look here once more. I will let this tear drop upon a still white flower of this bush between the two already fructified flowers of Eve. And one day there shall go forth from it a pure woman who shall crush the serpent's head. Although the serpent will bite her heel, the venom shall not harm her. From her will go forth what is now before you: A bright morning-star for all the nations on earth that are of good will, and eternal judgment for all the stubborn children of the serpent.

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