The Household of God

[1.10.4] "And the tears of compassion, and those of joy over the great grace of the holy Father have I set for an eternal sign as a new creation around the wide expanse of the firmament, and they shall every night give light to the earth and shall refresh you in the twilight of life and proclaim the dawning day.

[1.10.5] "Now lift up your eyes to the sky and see them shine in manifold order and in manifold splendor. The ones sending forth a reddish light are to give evidence of My compassion and those giving a white light are for a sign of the joy over the great grace of the most holy and good Father. And the white-shimmering wide ribbon above the stars of compassion and joy -consisting also of stars of primordial times through the tear of Love, already then showing mercy to the fallen spirits -which is drawn through the middle of the firmament, shall serve you as a sign of the eternal, holy bond between eternal Love that called you and everything that is into existence and the Deity that judges all things according to Its holiness.

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