The Household of God

[1.10.1] Now behold, hear, comprehend and understand well what eternal Love spoke and did. When the good and holy Father had completed His very serious speech, showing mercy, but threatening with judgment the transgressors of the law of supreme grace, giving death to sin, eternal Love was moved to the innermost depth of Its merciful heart and for the second time shed tears of compassion and tears of joy and bliss over the great and lenient grace of the so good and most holy Father and spoke with the deepest emotion of Its entire being to Adam and Eve:

[1.10.2] "You Adam have now seen the terrible judgments of God pass before your eyes, and Eve saw and perceived them through you. Now I shall open her eyes and ears also and she -as for as all who will be going forth from her according to the number of the stars in the Sky, according to the number of the grass on the earth and according to the number of the sand in the sea, which is endless -shall in the future see with her own eyes and hear with open ears what the Deity did in Its condemning wrath and what thereupon eternal Love did in Its infinite mercy.

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