The Household of God

[1.6.9] You shall be like the winter, which is cold in its stillness and thereby above all capable of receiving the warmth into the deepest depths of the earth. And to whom winter has come, spring will come too, as the first life of love within you. And summer will come in the fullest activity out of the life of love, which through grace has become strong within you. Then quiet autumn will come with the fruits of the labors of love and grace and you will enter into the life of the sun as fully reborn to behold the countenance of your holy Father and, like the sun, give light to all the world through the great power of the grace, love and mercy of your exceedingly good and holy Father.

[1.6.10] But he who is not like the moon and does not become like the earth is incapable of becoming like the sun. He is like a comet without any firmness, and his nature is a stolen One from the suns' outflows of grace; his path is disorderly like the ways of thieves and robbers, and he is driven by the fear of light from one cosmic depth to another and will never again in all eternity find rest. The light will pursue him on all his ways and illumine his nothingness.

[1.6.11] And finally he will fare like the shooting stars that are thrown out of grace and rejected because of their nothingness and consumed through the theft of grace. For the stolen light will destroy them forever, and they will be no more, like the fruits of the trees which prematurely sprouted towards the light before love had made them firm. And since they have no firmness, because they are too loosely connected with love, they keep get- ting weaker and weaker, fall off the tree, are trampled underfoot and destroyed.

[1.6.12] Behold, here you have unveiled before you the nature and significance of the suns, earths, moons, comets and shooting stars with all their parts from the greatest to the smallest

[1.6.13] The spirit of love and grace is within you and has all the wisdom. Whoever listens to it will fathom all things in the Depth of depths, and he will explore the dead and they will answer him. He will understand the living and their love will refresh him and their light delights him. He will put his ear to the earth, and the grass will tell him of the mysteries of love, and the earth will reveal its depths to him, and the mountains will listen to his voice, and the tone of his speech will penetrate the marrow of the earth. And when he gazes at the sea, the rays from his eyes will shine through all its drops and penetrate every grain of sand, and the judged spirits still imprisoned therein will stream towards the light of his eyes, just like the fish and worms of the seas and waters that hurry towards the light of a torch shone upon the surface at night and will let themselves be caught for release from the dungeons of eternal night. They will recognize Love, quench their thirst from the waters of mercy and rise to the weakness, the strength and the power from the love of the Father and the Word, which is the Love within the Father, and the Spirit that is the power within both.

[1.6.14] And behold, all this and many other things will My Spirit teach you if you listen to Its voice! However, Its voice is not loud, it is very soft, but because of this all-penetrating like the warmth of love and the light of grace and like your holy Father's power of merciful love.

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