The Household of God

[1.20.26] So he fled on and on towards the east and came to a large valley. There he fell to the ground completely exhausted and slept for three days and three nights. Then a mighty wind blew down from the mountains, roused the sleepers, soughed and roared over the vast plains and finally died down in the valleys of the land called 'Nod' or 'dry bottom of the sea'.

[1.20.27] Again Cain looked up to the high mountain peaks and here he no longer saw any men, but he did not know what to do. After a short while he raised his arms and shouted at the top of his voice: "Lord, You Most Just one, if from this great distance my voice still reaches Your ear, for the sake of the children and my wife look graciously across these mountain peaks at the marked fugitive from the eyes of Your holiness, which has marked my forehead with the night of sin, and let me have an unmarked forehead so that my evil deed may not be recognized, which is marked on the forehead, the hands and the chest of the great sinner whose sin is too great that it could ever be forgiven."

[1.20.28] And behold, a cloud came across the tall mountains at seventy-seven heights of man above the fugitive, and a powerful voice spoke from it. It was the voice of Abel and he said: "Cain, do you know this voice?"

[1.20.29] And Cain answered: "O brother Abel, if you have come to take petty vengeance on me, your murderer, then do to me according to justice, but spare your blessed sister and her children!"

[1.20.30] Then the voice spoke again, saying: "Cain, he who commits a crime is a sinner, but he who repays evil with evil is a servant of sin. The one who rewards good with good has paid his debt, but there is nothing left for him. He, who rewards a good deed manifold, is worthy of his brothers. However, before God only one thing counts and that is, to return good for evil, bless those who curse their benefactors and give one's life for death.

[1.20.31] "And behold, as the latter I come to you. So do not fear me, for I was sent from above, firstly, to show you that the Lord is true and faithful in all His promises and, secondly, to tell you that you are to remain in this land with your family and live on the fruit you will find here and, finally, also to let you know that your brother has forgiven you your wicked deed through the great love of the Father within him.

[1.20.32] "For my blood you shall atone with your tears of repentance until the stain has been washed off your forehead; and you shall guide your children and your wife in the fear of the Lord. If you will do this spontaneously out of fear of the Lord, you will remain and live as an outlaw, but if you do it out of love you will touch the hardened heart of justice."

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