The Grossglockner

[0.10] See, the high sentry reaches out / Far round himself with a thousand arms / All the deceitful types / Firm and cold without any mercy / So "by the collar", as you would say/ Pulling them from all sides, / Then no one dares to move, / None, continues to enlarge!

[0.11] Has he drawn them to himself, / All the wicked trouble-makers, / Those who repeatedly lied to the earth, / They, the madman of the earth, / Apprehended here at once / By the hordes of peaceful spirits / And on the iron honed dull, / Blunt for the lust for distant murder.

[0.12] Now transformed into snow and ice / Lying there in trillions / Already outdated as towering ornaments gray and aged / On the cold sovereign thrones. / See the Glockner's useful reign, / See, how he serves for order, / Hence his rough appearance, / That is why he towers high!

[0.13] Only created for this purpose / Has he truly not become, / To justly punish at all times / Wicked spirits of peace-less hordes! / All that is still in him, / All that he still does, / Will be hatched as a whole / And clarified in a beneficial way! Amen.

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