The Great Gospel of John

Right and wrong observance of the Sabbath

[6.223.1] (The Lord:) "As it is with the eating of meat of impure animals, it is exactly the same with the Sabbath. Firstly every day is a day of the Lord, and a right person should do good every day, not only on the Sabbath! And secondly it is only written, that one should holy the day and not carry out unnecessary hard, labourious work; however that one should not carry out good works on a Sabbath, not one syllable is written in Moses!

[6.223.2] If the prophet says: 'Without need and official admission, you should not perform any hard, labourious work on a Sabbath!', how is it that you say that I desecrate the Sabbath, if I on such a day heal a sick person without remuneration? You yourself give food on a Sabbath to the ox and guide the donkey together with the cow and sheep and goat to the drinking trough! Would you let drown the ox or donkey in the well, if it falls into the well on a Sabbath? However, if you do such to your domestic animals, why should one not help a person on a Sabbath? Is a person not worth more than an animal?!

[6.223.3] O you blind fools! How far have you distanced yourself from the truth! Yes, about you it is true as it is written: 'See, these people honour Me with their lips; but their hearts are far from Me!'

[6.223.4] Tel Me: If a person comes to you and says: 'I have a lot of work with my harvest and the time is ripe! If I can use the Sabbath, I will sacrifice three times the tenth, a fattened ox and three fat calves!', you go and write him a concession, so that he can use the letter to recruit workers also on a Sabbath. Isn't that a much greater Sabbath desecration, than helping a sick on a Sabbath?!

[6.223.5] On a Sabbath one should not break any bread before sundown and also not eat; however if you in your rooms feast and smolder for the whole day - even if it's a Sabbath - and for money also allows it to others, except the poor, because they cannot pay for it, - question: Is that not a sacrilegious sabbatical disgrace?!

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