The Great Gospel of John

[5.211.9] But we have 100 grains now which we want to place in the earth! From them we will receive 100 ears, each with 100 grains, thus 10,000 grains in total. And behold, the 10,000 grains, the 100 stalks and ears must also already be available spiritually in the one grain, just as this grain itself must be available in that one grain that first fell to a fertile field of this Earth out of the hand of God, since otherwise indeed no reproduction could possibly be thought of. You all have proof once again how even infinity and eternity are at home in such a grain.

[5.211.10] You all will think and say to yourselves: Yes, that is indeed the case with a grain which is sown again as a seed into the soil; but what happens with that which is ground to flour and then eaten as bread by people or even by animals? I tell you all: Truly, it's fate is even better; for it goes into a more perfect life, in which it as an integral part of a higher life then just as well and even more can multiply into countless ideas and living forms of expression and only the very material husk is cast out as excrement, where it then also becomes a more noble fruit humus of the Earth, from which the spirit of the sprout forms various grains of seed and attracts immortality. But whatever happens with the straw and framework of the plants also happens in a much nobler way with the fleshly body of a person.

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