The Great Gospel of John

The Lord as savior of the great cosmic man. The spiritual splendor of man

[6.247.1] Said the totally flabbergasted pharisee: "Lord, Lord, You my almighty and everlasting God, according to Your only too clear explanation, there is only very little hope of salvation for the damned in hell; since such most endless time periods without number and without measure are just as well eternity itself! O no, these are sizes of which no man until now, even to the slightest degree, could have thought about! Into what infinite nothingness does man not disappear, compared to this! O God, why are You so endlessly great, wise and mighty and we people so endlessly trifle, stupid and weak?! Lord, verily true, now I am befallen by a great fear for You, since You are in Your spirit too endlessly big, too wise and too almighty! And it is now for me the most incomprehensible, how You, in a highly limited human body, could have come to us on this trifle earth in Your complete divine fullness!"

[6.247.2] Said I: "There you can be quite at ease; for I do from eternity nothing without the most wise reason. A very wise and experienced doctor, if he comes to a sick person, will at foremost find out, where in the body the main location of the illness is situated. Once he has recognized this, he will try by his means, to heal and anew enliven the nevertheless still so small but most ill nerve. Once this nerve is in a healthy order again, soon also the whole person will become healthy again.

[6.247.3] And see, also I know it best about the ill nerve in the large cosmic man and has therefore come to this ill nerve, to heal it first, so that the whole, large person can become healthy again! - Is this matter now more clear to you?"

[6.247.4] Said the scribe: "Yes, yes, my great God and My Lord, all this is already in the most nicest and greatest order; but I nevertheless sink before You more and more into the purest nothingness of all nothingness."

[6.247.5] Said I: "Am I not according to the body equally small compared to the size of the whole creation as shown to you?! But still, My spirit surpasses it endlessly!"

[6.247.6] Said the scribe: "Yes, with You most certainly; but where is there my spirit?"

[6.247.7] Said I: "Now, did your spirit not travelled with Me above all the nearly endless large shell-globes and in the end even above the whole large cosmic man and still endlessly further away?! Didn't you looked with Me at the endlessly large shell-globes as weakly shimmering dots and likewise the whole large person himself?! And didn't you travel with Me endlessly far beyond the skin of the large cosmic man into free space, that even the large cosmic man in the spiritual picture of your thoughts appeared as large as a shimmering ant?! If, however, you could follow Me into these endless depths of creation, namely in such a way that finally they could become nothing before you, how can you say that you and also other people are nothing compared to such endless large creation?!

[6.247.8] There, look through the open window, and you see just now the Regulus in the Large Lion! See, this is the very primordial sun in this shell-globe! Its incalculable large distance from here, has compressed it to a point. How many such Regulusses could you imagine next to each other? I say to you: countless, - just as your spirit next to the large cosmic man, started to imagine more of them in endless space! And with such pure divine abilities equipped in the spirit, you say that a person is a nothing of nothingness?! Yes, your body as matter is of course nothing; therefore the great and immortal man should not provide for his temporary and material nothingness, but for his spiritual everything, and in future he can not say, that he is a nothing of nothingness, but in and with Me everything in everything!

[6.247.9] See, even if the revealed sight of the natural size of My creation has compressed you into nothingness, I nevertheless say to you, that the smallest in My kingdom will in everything be incomparable greater than what appears to you now so endlessly large! - Do you understand this?"

[6.247.10] Here all breathed more freely again and were happy that I helped them out of the threatening feeling of nothingness, to become somewhat more of a being again, by this My concluding explanation.

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