The Great Gospel of John

[6.246.6] However, also the primordial sun will one day, after all the other suns born out of it have been dissolved in endless long time periods, be dissolved, but still for a long time to come not the whole large world person; since like the dying of person takes place gradually, it is the same case with the large cosmic man.

[6.246.7] Why does the body of an aging person becomes gradually weaker and weaker? Because certain fibres and nerves die in time and stop functioning, - which effectuates the aging and weakening of the body. And still the person can keep on living for many years to come, without losing his spiritual strength, especially if he always have lived according to the will of God. And so it will be one day the same with the large cosmic man. Once aeons of shell-globes will have been dissolved in him, he will be able to exist for your concepts an endless long time; for the shell-globes in him are what in you humans are your fibres and nerves.

[6.246.8] This to you presented large cosmic man is in the most general encompassment the lost son as explained to you earlier, which is now on the verge to turn back, and the father, who meets him, am I as a person among you, and I accept him back again into My Fathers house in every person who lives according to My teaching.

[6.246.9] Good for the sinner who does penitence and returns ruefully to Me! However nobody should imagine that the general turnaround will take place in a too short period of time, and that the inhabitants of hell or judgement will not have to suffer and to languish for a too short period of time for their misdeeds and self created disorder! The most stubborn will have to suffer of course the longest and the earlier turnarounds less, - Do you scribe understand this?"

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