The Great Gospel of John

[6.242.13] O My beloved, in love there are still many things hidden, what no wisdom has ever fathomed; therefore is the Father as the everlasting love also bigger than the Son, who, as its light, is before you.

[6.242.14] Therefore I say: many things are impossible for even the most wise people, which by God in His love is still possible! - Do you believe this?"

[6.242.15] Said now Lazarus full of joy: "Lord, we thank You most fervently for this message; since who is not hit with the sevenfold darkness of the soul, must most tangibly recognize, what You wanted to indicate by this. At least I have understood You most clearly and this will be the case with many."

[6.242.16] Said nearly all who were present here, that they understood what has been said quite well.

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