The Great Gospel of John

The relationship between hell and the world

[6.240.1] (The Lord:) "However, nobody of you should ever think as if I had once created hell! This is distant from Me and from you all! You also should not think that it is a place where the malefactors of this earth are punished! It has formed itself from the many human souls, who on this earth in the flesh spoke travesty against every divine revelation, denied God and only did what pleased there outer sensuousness, and finally demanded divine admiration and taught all people through their servants, that they themselves were gods and that all people should worship them, like Nebukadnezar did in Babylon. Again did they invented idols and forced the people to worship those and bring them great offers; who refused, was gruesomely tortured.

[6.240.2] From this you can see, which power hell exercised over the world and that it now was high time that I Myself had to come down to matter, to break through this old, but necessary judgement with all My fullness and by that build a dam for the self created hell, which it will never be able to break as it was the case until now.

[6.240.3] I, the most Holy, had to clothe Myself with the unholiness of the human or creatural weakness, in order to be able to get close to hell as a strong hero, to conquer it. I now have come close to it, am in its midst, and all devils and Satans flee before Me like loose chaff in a gale.

[6.240.4] And thus I have shown to you in an example, what hell is, what it did, partly still does, and what salvation is. - Have you understood this at least in some way?"

[6.240.5] Said now Agrikola quite surprised: "Such description of hell has never ever come to my ears before! We Romans have visualized it underground, especially at those places where it, like with us, exists such mountains, which always smoke and from time to time spit all destructive fire masses. Ah, but now the matter looks quite differently! Then the whole world with loose mankind is a perfect hell; since in this world occurs exactly as You have described to us the activity of hell!"

[6.240.6] Said I: "Yes, My friend, the world and hell are one like body and soul are one. The large hell-soul uses the external world in precisely the same manner as the soul uses her body. If the soul is an angel through her love for God and for her neighbour, also the body will do good, because the soul which enlivens the body, does not want to and can not do evil; if the soul however is already a devil, also her body will do likewise.

[6.240.7] Therefore I came into this world body, to drive out all the legions times legions of devils. I yesterday gave you a small example for it with the maiden, for what I do on a large scale. I will now sweep the house clean of all the old devils; but if the people will not hold onto it, they soon will be finished with a new hell and its devils, and they will soon enter the cleaned house and generate conditions in the world, which will be worse than was the first prior to My arrival.

[6.240.8] Since like earlier, also now and in future every soul must go through its will- and recognition freedom trials in the flesh, and this can never ever take place without the admitted temptations for the good and for the bad. But now the people have through me the help in their hands and can always most effectively defeat the attacking hell, which is the very result of My redemption. However, who will not do this, will become even more servants of the new hell, than there were the old ones until this time."

[6.240.9] Said Agrikola: "Yes, Lord, it then would be better to immediately destroy such new hell souls after their body life?!"

[6.240.10] Said I: "Yes, My friend, this cannot be done; since all souls, good and bad, are out of Me; and as nothing out of Me can ever be destroyed, also not the most evil soul, for every soul will continue to keep on living according to her love. - Do you, My friend, understand this a little?"

[6.240.11] Said now all: "Lord and Master! This matter is now very clear to us; but now another matter rises in us, this means a very own, sad feeling in our soul begins to stir, and this inevitably out of two reasons: The first is that we are apparently living in the most perfect hell with body and soul, and the second is, that always the by far greater number of people of this earth apparently will become nothing else than spirits of hell, and this apparently forever. Is there for such hell spirits in all seriousness also with You, o Lord, no help conceivably possible anymore?"

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