The Great Gospel of John

The second creation of God

[6.239.1] (The Lord:) "All the infernal spirits know quite well to disguise themselves. Outwardly they often appear to be angels, but internally they are similar to tearing beasts. Their ability to disguise goes so far, that they even could deceive angels, and I mainly have come to this earth in the flesh, to forever build a dam for the hell, which in all eternity can never be overpowered.

[6.239.2] I as God from eternity, could of course destroy with My will hell, but with it also the whole creation. But what then? Start a new creation? Yes, yes, that would work; however, a new creation of physical worlds is in no other order thinkable, than is the present one, because matter is the firm and necessary judged means, for a being destined to become similar to Me in everything, as fully isolated from Me, to undergo a will freedom trial, to attain the true life independence.

[6.239.3] It is therefore better to let everything prevail, but in a well separated order. This could only be established thereby, that I Myself have become a man, have Self penetrated all matter and thereby have enabled all its still so old, judged spiritual content to become blessed.

[6.239.4] And this is the second creation, which I already have foreseen from eternity, without it never a person of this earth or from any other earth could become completely blessedly; since prior to this My descent to this earth, I forever was an invisible God, as it also says in Moses, that nobody can see God and live. But from now on I am a visible God for everyone, and everyone who sees Me, lives and shall live forever.

[6.239.5] Redemption firstly consists of My teaching and secondly in this My incarnation, through which the so prevailing power of the old hell is totally broken and defeated.

[6.239.6] This already the prophet Jesaja has indicated, when he in chapter 63, verse 1-9 says: 'Who is He who comes from Edom, sprinkles the garment from Bozra, honourably walking in His clothes, in the greatness of his power? -

[6.239.7] I, who speak righteously, large to save!

[6.239.8] Why are You reddish in Your garment and Your garment as the treader of a winepress?

[6.239.9] I treaded the winepress alone and no one from the people with Me! Therefore I crushed it (hell) in My rage (justice) and crushed it in My fury (the highest order of the divine wisdom). Therefore victory is sprinkled on My garment (the truth of the teaching and believe); since the day of My revenge is in My heart, and the year of My released has come. Heil brought Me My arm (the human side of the Lord); descending to earth I conquered it (hell). He spoke: See, My people are those children (deceived by hell), therefore I became their saviour, and because of My love and My mildness I have delivered them.'

[6.239.10] And further you find in the same in its 59th chapter: 'He saw that nobody was there (which means no love and no truth) and was surprised, that no representative had been there; therefore His arm (the human side of the Lord) brought Him heil, and justice raised Him up (the divine order in the human side of the Lord). Therefore He dressed Himself with justice as an armour and the helmet of heil on His head and put on the garment of revenge (truth) and covered Himself with zeal like with a coat. Thereupon a saviour came for Zion!"

[6.239.11] In Jeremias you read (chapter 46): 'They are despaired; since its (the hell) heroes are beaten. They fled to escape and did not looked back. The day (to the honour and praise) of the Lord Jehovah Zebaoth, a day of revenge, on which He will take revenge on His enemies and His sword feeds and satisfies itself.'

[6.239.12] And in the 45th Psalm, verse 4-8, you read the quite striking words: 'Gird the sword (also the human side of the Lord) around the loins, Mighty! Your arrows (the truth) are sharpened. Nations (of hell) will fall under You, who are out of the heart enemies of the king (the good and true). Your throne (the church of the Lord) for the future and eternity! You loved justice; therefore God has anointed You.'

[6.239.13] There are many more such places where it is shown that I mainly have come in the flesh into this world, to stop the immense infringement of hell forever."

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