The Great Gospel of John

[6.226.6] Said now quite surprised the pharisee: "Yes, Lord and Master, this I can see now and deeply admire Your wisdom, - I only have to express my opinion to the point, that I start to dread the endless greatness and power of the Creator, and only ask You if God will create forever; since according to Your words, creating has no end. I ask You, to give me a light about that, otherwise I will become quite dizzy."

[6.226.7] Said I: "This you should have already derived from this My explanation. If God is everlasting, He certainly will have created from eternity! Since what should He have done for an eternity before the seemed creation of this world, the sun, the moon and all the stars, for He was forever equally perfect?!

[6.226.8] According to the spirit God is everlasting and infinite. Everything originates and exists out of Him, everything is in Him, everything is the everlasting endless fullness of His thoughts and ideas from the greatest to the smallest. He thinks them in the clearest light of His self-consciousness and want, that they become a reality, and then they are already that what they primordially had to be. He then adds the germ spark of His love to the thoughts and ideas which He so to speak placed outside His personality, enlivens them, so that they can exist like independent beings, and then guides them by His continuous and always increasing inflow, to the highest possible level of indestructible independence.

[6.226.9] These beings - because the divine love in them guides and maintains them - are then by themselves full of creative powers, reproduce themselves and can multiply to infinity, and everyone going forth from them - like the children from their parents - are not only resemble their producer, but are also equipped with the same properties, which serves the aim, that the producer and the product through the quite easily possible increase of divine love in themselves, can finally cross over out of matter to the pure spiritual fully God-resembling state but still forever remain individual independent beings.

[6.226.10] As such the thoughts and ideas of God once placed outside Himself, are returning completely to God and in God, however not anymore as what they have been placed outside, but as fully alive, clearly self-conscious to themselves, independent and self-active beings, who then, like completely independent from God, can exist, effectuate and create by themselves, - why I have said to My disciples: 'Become as perfect like your Father in heaven is perfect!'

[6.226.11] I now do great things before your eyes and ears; but you yourselves will do even greater things in My name, which is the love of God in your hearts, without nobody can effectuate anything substantial for the everlasting live, because the love of God is the actual indestructible life in God Himself and also in every being going forth out of God.

[6.226.12] However everything, once physically created, comes as such to an end, if by the fully ripened divine love in itself, migrates in time over to the pure spiritual; and as such also this earth will not exist forever, but in time will migrate to the spiritual. However, according to the calculation of the earthly time it will still take for your present mind a very long time until the fire of divine love will have dissolved all matter into its original spiritual state.

[6.226.13] The dissolving of a world will take place like the dissolving of every other physical being, whereby the external death will in time progress and become visible more and more. If you look at a tree, you will observe how it wastes away over time. It becomes old, rotten, only a few branches showing life while others have become decayed and rotten and in time fall off from the trunk. Over time also the trunk becomes rotten and dead and this continues, until finally the whole tree becomes decayed, rotten and dead in itself. Nevertheless a by himself completely dead tree still has life-spirits in itself; therefore you will, if it lies in the forest thrown over by a storm, see a lot of mos plants and also other little herbs grow from it, also its inner will be pierced by all kinds of worms, and a large number of insects will gnaw for as long at the flesh and marrow as there still is something to it, until after about a hundred years no trace of the tree can be found anymore.

[6.226.14] Thus, even if on a much bigger scale, it will also happen to a dying and finally completely deceased world. However, where a tree dies, soon another grows in its place. Hence also a world passes, - but another and even several take its place and adsorb the leftover life-spirits of the totally deceased and fully perished old world, for further nursing and development. And see, as such the actual creating never reaches an end, because also God can never stop, in His everlasting unlimited love and wisdom, to think, to will and to love!

[6.226.15] I think that this should be for everyone in the highest degree comprehensible! To whom this still is not sufficiently clear, for him I add the following to all this: Imagine yourself living immortally forever in everlasting youthful strength in a world! Will you at any stage want to stop thinking and to want? Will you at one stage become completely inactive and does not want to enjoy anything? Certainly not, but you will become increasingly more active, and you will most eagerly try and use all means possible to prepare for yourself always more and greater comforts of life; because this love and the true life of love has in itself, that it never can rest, because life itself is nothing else than one activity after another.

[6.226.16] Therefore nobody of you should think, that he one day in the beyond will find himself in an everlasting, sweet rest; since this would be actually the very death of the spirit or the soul. The more spiritual a person in his inner becomes, the more active he will become, and this through and through. If this is already visible and clearly noticeable on this earth, how much more will it be the case in the beyond, where no heavy body restrains the activity of the soul! - Now speak, if you have comprehended this well!"

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