The Great Gospel of John

[6.226.5] For if God did not place such into the plants and animals, in the near future you would have no bread anymore and no meat and no milk, no wine no fruit; but because a wheat grain placed into the earth, bears hundred fold fruit, you always have bread in abundance and also everything else. If thus God effectuates everything to infinity according to His very highest wisdom and endless power, can somebody then say, that the everlasting and endless creations out of God are something pointless? Your own daily bodily needs teach you already the purest opposite, because without food you cannot exist! - Do you now understand why God continuously creates endless quantities?"

[6.226.6] Said now quite surprised the pharisee: "Yes, Lord and Master, this I can see now and deeply admire Your wisdom, - I only have to express my opinion to the point, that I start to dread the endless greatness and power of the Creator, and only ask You if God will create forever; since according to Your words, creating has no end. I ask You, to give me a light about that, otherwise I will become quite dizzy."

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