The Great Gospel of John

[6.226.14] Thus, even if on a much bigger scale, it will also happen to a dying and finally completely deceased world. However, where a tree dies, soon another grows in its place. Hence also a world passes, - but another and even several take its place and adsorb the leftover life-spirits of the totally deceased and fully perished old world, for further nursing and development. And see, as such the actual creating never reaches an end, because also God can never stop, in His everlasting unlimited love and wisdom, to think, to will and to love!

[6.226.15] I think that this should be for everyone in the highest degree comprehensible! To whom this still is not sufficiently clear, for him I add the following to all this: Imagine yourself living immortally forever in everlasting youthful strength in a world! Will you at any stage want to stop thinking and to want? Will you at one stage become completely inactive and does not want to enjoy anything? Certainly not, but you will become increasingly more active, and you will most eagerly try and use all means possible to prepare for yourself always more and greater comforts of life; because this love and the true life of love has in itself, that it never can rest, because life itself is nothing else than one activity after another.

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