The Great Gospel of John

The dissolving of a world will take place like the dissolving of every other physical being, whereby the external death will in time progress and become visible more and more. If you look at a tree, you will observe how it wastes away over time. It becomes old, rotten, only a few branches showing life while others have become decayed and rotten and in time fall off from the trunk. Over time also the trunk becomes rotten and dead and this continues, until finally the whole tree becomes decayed, rotten and dead in itself. Nevertheless a by himself completely dead tree still has life-spirits in itself; therefore you will, if it lies in the forest thrown over by a storm, see a lot of mos plants and also other little herbs grow from it, also its inner will be pierced by all kinds of worms, and a large number of insects will gnaw for as long at the flesh and marrow as there still is something to it, until after about a hundred years no trace of the tree can be found anymore. – The Great Gospel of John, Book 6, Chapter 226, Paragraph 13

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